Speed Skating

Speed Roller Skating is a demanding and rewarding sport.

Speed roller skating evolved mostly from racing on traditional roller skates and is also known as ‘inline racing’.

Speed skaters race on specialised ‘inline’ skates with larger wheels for better technique and low-cut boots for greater ankle movement.

Speed skating races take place in various formats on a variety of surfaces.

Indoor Track Racing

Indoor track racing can take place on any suitable indoor surface that measures out to a 100m track. Track ‘indoor’ wheels are usually worn for these races.

Road Racing

Racing venues must consist of course lengths between 400m to 600m and a bitumen surface is preferred.  Various wheels are used to accommodate the difference in venues and also weather conditions. 

Team Skate FX

offers skaters the opportunity to work towards goals as a team and as individuals. Skaters can compete at interclub, State, National and International level.

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