About Us


Team SkateFX has a club culture that is focused on supporting individuals regardless of skill to achieve thier very best. The club has a family atmosphere where all are welcomed and embraced.

Working Together

All members in all disciplines of Team SkateFX work together to encourage each other, with senior members of the club helping younger members by acting as mentors. Coaches and skaters work together to reach their goals and chase their dreams.

World Class

Throughout its history Team SkateFX has produced world class skaters. Artistic Head Coach Tammy Bryant is a former Freeskating World Champion and Artistic coach Lauren Smith is a former Freeskating National Champion.

Our Story

Team SkateFX was originally called the Modbury Roller Skating Club. It was formed in 1981 and started out as a social club. The club has evolved over the years to become one of the best competitive roller skating clubs in Australia with elite skaters and coaches.


Tammy Bryant

Head Coach, Artistic

Ricky Bryant

Head Coach, Speed

Lauren Smith

Intermediate Coach, Artistic

Carly Bryant

Coach, Speed

Shakira McCoy-Travers

Intermediate Coach, Artistic

Mitch Deakin

Development Coach, Artistic


Julie McCoy-Travers


Kate Andrews

Artistic Representative

Deb Knott


Ricky Bryant

Speed Representative

Belinda Wakely