Artistic Skating

Artistic Roller Skating is a demanding and beautiful sport.

Strength and speed are combined with grace, poise, precision and agility. It is a fun, safe sport that is practised worldwide.

Team Skate FX offers coaches for two of the four Artistic Roller Skating disciplines, Freeskating and Figures.


This discipline involves skating a choreographed routine to music that incorporates jumps, spins and intricate footwork. Skaters taking up Freeskating will be learning co-ordination, the techniques of jumps and spins, and the creativity of dance and drama in their artistic impression.


Figure skating incorporates the basic yet most important skill of artistic roller skating – skating on ‘edges’. Intricate turns and shapes are tracked on predetermined circles marked on the floor. Skaters learn balance and the skill of fine control over their skates as they learn and progress through more than sixty different figures.

Team Skate FX

offers skaters the opportunity to work towards gaining their profiencies in both Freeskating and Figures. Skaters can compete at interclub, State, National and International level.

Interested In Rolling With Our Artistic Team?